The attorneys and support staff at The MacKew Law Firm are available to serve you! We have offices in Chatham and Blenheim serving clients from Windsor to London in Southwestern Ontario. You can submit your questions by completing the below form or call to schedule a consultation appointment.

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Our Office Locations


The Chatham office is located at Suite 101-111 Heritage Road. The building is across from the Value Village store. The Chatham office is wheelchair accessible, with signage indicating access at the rear of the building. Mary is the assistant at the Chatham office.

Phone (519) 354-0407
Fax (226) 996-9963


The Blenheim office is located on the southwest corner at the intersection of Talbot Street and Communication Road. The municipal address is 4 Talbot Street West. The building dates from the late 1800s. There are two walk-in bank vaults in the building, which was once an “express” office. Originally signed Wills and Powers of Atty. and other important original documents are maintained safely in these vaults. The Blenheim office is staffed by Mary Anne, Jodie and Rhonda.

Phone (519) 676-3266
Fax (519) 676-0001