Location Location Location

Most people know the above captioned phrase is a popular retort in the world of real estate. Obviously, location is a primary concern respecting the purchase of any property, whether it be commercial or residential.

It has been my experience that people who seek to retire in the community of Chatham-Kent and elsewhere in Southwestern Ontario prefer a rural property, with some acreage. This is either to set up a shop or a hobby farm in their retirement years. Certainly, lakeside property is popular as well.

When potential buyers review a property they need to be diligent in their search of the zoning and official plan designation in the area. In many instances, even though property may be located in a rural part of the community, the zoning could allow for construction of a wind energy or solar energy facility and even a hog barn.

Certainly, a potential buyer may not want to be next to a hog barn in the future or have their view of a lake or rural vista disturbed by wind turbines or solar panels.

People need to be aware that normal farming practices will be implemented by their neighbours. Farming operations are dominated by weather. When the weather allows, farming practices such as tilling, seeding and harvesting can go 24/7 until the requisite chore is finished. Such operations will create dust and noise while in process.

Southwestern Ontario is rich in aggregate deposits, which could be mined.  A gravel pit creates truck traffic, noise and dust.  Thus, the issue of potential aggregate mining could affect the location a potential buyer is considering and should be explored appropriately.

It is highly recommended that you consult with either the municipality’s planning department or a private planning consultant before signing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale which would contractually bind you to purchase the property, notwithstanding the fact that the buyer later became aware of zoning which would permit the construction of a wind or solar energy farm or a hog barn.