University of Windsor Energy & Sustainability Conference

Mark will be co-chair of and Electric Vehicle Panel at the upcoming Energy & Sustainability Conference at the University Windsor, to be held on June 21. The other chair on the panel is Professor Narayan Kar, who is the director of the Faculty of Engineering’s Electric Vehicle laboratory. Mark will be joined on the panel […]


In today’s world, virtually everyone has important digital accounts and passwords to access them. The issue becomes, upon your death, how does your Executor demonstrate legal authority to access those accounts to use, change or close them? The Executor gains their authority under the provisions of your Will. In order to make their job as […]

Energy Conference June 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with the Faculty of Engineering at the University Windsor over the last several years respecting various conferences on renewable energy issues. The conference set for June of next year will deal with Energy Sustainability issues. I have been tasked with putting together a panel that will be dealing […]

BUYER BEWARE! Undisclosed defects in resale homes are a prevalent problem in today’s real estate market

Included in the link below are some of the terms and tactics used in dealing with claims for undisclosed defects in resale homes by Gene Chiarello BUYER BEWARE! Undisclosed defects in resale homes.pdf


Mark will be chairing a panel of experts on the area of the development of nonrenewable energy in the Great Lakes basin. The panel will deal with subjects such as oil and gas exploration in the Great Lakes basin and issues pertaining to the proposed storage of nuclear waste in the Bruce Peninsula by way […]


As of April 24, 2017, there are changes respecting the information that lawyers must provide to the Ontario government when someone purchases real estate.  Those changes add to the information that must be collected through the Land Transfer Tax system. In addition to information identifying the property being purchased and the price being paid, the […]

Signing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Property in Ontario

Signing an Agreement of purchase and sale of property in Ontario can be a complicated process. The Ontario Real Estate Association’s (OREA) standard document is lengthy and consists of many sections. For such an Agreement to be legal, the signing parties need to be identified in compliance with the ‘Statute of Frauds.’ Therefore, for the […]

Dying without a Will in Ontario

Dying without a Will invites a host of problems and Ontario is no exception. In this article we look at the Succession Law Reform Act of Ontario which governs the distribution of property to surviving relatives under Ontario law. Before we proceed, let’s examine the general problems that arise when there is no Will or […]

Location Location Location

Most people know the above captioned phrase is a popular retort in the world of real estate. Obviously, location is a primary concern respecting the purchase of any property, whether it be commercial or residential. It has been my experience that people who seek to retire in the community of Chatham-Kent and elsewhere in Southwestern […]

Home Inspection for Residential Purchasers

For most people, the purchase of their home is the single most important expense they will incur. For those persons buying a used home, the importance of securing a condition in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for there to be a Home Inspection acceptable to the buyer is critical. Used homes are sold “as […]